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Other names: Paclitaxel
Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Paclitaxel is a mitotic inhibitor used in cancer chemotherapy. It was discovered in a U.S. National Cancer Institute program at the Re...
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Taxol for Cancer
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Taxol cause Blurred Vision ?

#101 in Taxol discussions - 167 posts discuss Blurred Vision with Taxol. Blurred Vision is #101 concern in Taxol discussions.
We found 167 discussions
" ...I would check with your doctor too Canuck, but I also had blurry vision on Taxol. I had to squint to see anything, and black spots too. It went away as well. Down to single digits... "

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" Me, too!!! On carbo/taxol I had very blurry vision that came and went. Bright light, especially sun glare ...flair up again for awhile, and I've been off carbo/taxol for a long time - year and a ... "

" I am on Taxol/Carbo, and am also experiencing blurry vision. It comes and goes. I had my glasses changed just after chemo started, and am still experiencing it. I thought maybe... "

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" I had blurred vision while on carbo-taxol and later on Alimta-Avastin. It cleared up months after... "

" Autumn, I had some blurry vision after my first Taxol tx. I couldn't read the numbers on the clock across the room, but it has cleared up now that I've been off chem for a couple of months. Also... "

" have full range of motion. I also suffer with vision problems. I just finished AC and now going through Taxol and I have trouble with blurry vision. It seems to come and go, there are times... "

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" The taxol also made me have this blurry vision and after chemo i seen ...chemo and still experience the blurry vision at times but it has improved but it hasnt gone... "

" TasiaB - I had quite a bit of blurred vision with Taxol - sometimes I couldn't read the TV screen when the \"big\" titles for ...away quickly a few weeks after my last dose of Taxol and hasn't come... "

" ...on A/C now. Did you start with Taxol? I am reversed. I ...onmy 6th tx of taxol and herceptin. I started getting blurry vision among other things once I was on taxol/herceptin. A/C is very... "

" ...of 12) taxol today. this is after 4 rounds of a/c. since midweek i have been experiencing trouble with my close up vision - blurred - has anyone else gone through this?... "

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