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Tattoo + Coconut Oil

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Ask a question
449 conversations around the web about Tattoo + Coconut Oil to help you make a decision
449 conversations around the web about Tattoo + Coconut Oil to help you make a decision
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Tattoo & Coconut Oil

We found 449 discussions
" ...have a two week old tattoo. Last week I I have a two week old tattoo. Last week I had some ...a variety of lotions including coconut oil, and have never had a ...a beauty product before. I ha... "

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" Well, the doctor doesn't put anything on my tattoo after the laser process. He just zaps it and ...put aloe, bio oil or coconut oil on it to soothe the... "

" I tried coconut oil on my new tattoo while it was healing. Just made me greasy, but I think I also used too much. Scentless lotion works better for that. For wounds, I... "

" blog's stats because they make me a little sad. My \"orgasm\" post got 84 page views though =P Next highest was me thinking about using coconut oil on my tattoo (40... "

" ...pure coconut oil. My tattooist recommended it to use after a new tattoo is... "

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" ...and he prefers the natural healing method... keep your tattoo clean and dry (free of any lotions or products) ...on it. i would say coconut oil very sparingly is the best.... "

" ...peanut butter flapjacks for my friend who's doing B's tattoo tomorrow, because they're her favourite, but I used coconut oil instead of butter and now they have a funny... "

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" ...chest piece. It's so pretty, but so painful! Also, I'm thinking of trying coconut oil on a fresh tattoo. Logically it seems brilliant. Google tells me it is ok. So, why the... "

" I use a tiny fingernail's worth of coconut oil, rub it in my hands to melt it (most ...kind for moisturizer. Works great anywhere - makes my tattoo glisten like it's new. Just don't use too much... "

" ...I am starting a fast right now after some coconut oil. In unrelated news, I got a new tattoo!... "

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