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Taste In My Mouth

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70,323 conversations around the web about Taste In My Mouth to help you make a decision
70,323 conversations around the web about Taste In My Mouth to help you make a decision
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Taste In My Mouth & Menthol

We found 168 discussions
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" ...i love it. Fills me up with an awsome taste in my mouth that ususally stays for a while. -Working out, outside ...( downside you need a Car ) -emergency : cough drops that leave your mouth n... "

"! My optometrist prescribed Bepreve eye drops and when I tried them the taste in my mouth was so foul I had to stop. I'd rather have itchy, dry eyes than or maybe a menthol lozenge or... "

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" ...the health food store.....they are more like all natural cough drops and they are horrible......gave me an even worse taste in my mouth! Ginger normally makes me nauseous so I have been... "

" This is not even remotely close. I have a cool menthol taste in my mouth 24/7. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink; the I'm beginning to feel nautious and get headaches from it. I ... "

" ...didn't care for then and see if now maybe my taste changed a bit over time. I have a few mini-tanks ...only one I keep always on rotation is a straight menthol because I used to be a Kool smo... "

" ...almost sweet/sour-sour as in gone bad taste in my mouth! I brush my teeth within ...while. Ive also found that cough drops-cherry, not honey lemon-help hold it... "

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" ...about adding mint to your smoke for flavor so i up. now i am here with a foul taste in my mouth bumping. that was a silly idea, i thought it a bit of a menthol taste. at least i'm... "

" Hi, I'm just experiencing this menthol/mint taste in my mouth and nose too..Weird and making ...been using a topical menthol gel for back pain..I that? That the menthol is getting into yo... "

" ...why..I did sleep in my bed last night and Icy Hot on my back and it did help a little (at least I think that is what helped) I have this taste in my mouth that I feel like brushing my teeth all da... "

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" A few hours later and I have regained feeling/taste in my mouth...I tried another pinch of this stuff and can 'feel' the menthol but what is the flavor? I can't really taste anything and as I... "

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