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Taste In My Mouth

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70,276 conversations around the web about Taste In My Mouth to help you make a decision
70,276 conversations around the web about Taste In My Mouth to help you make a decision
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Taste In My Mouth & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 51 discussions
" ...last week I have had a really bad taste in my mouth despite my ongoing efforts at ...hygiene. I have used the hydrogen peroxide rinse, eaten yogurt and tried... "

" ...for the info. I had periodontal disease, lost a couple of ...combined with a mouthwash of hydrogen peroxide, my gums and teeth feels ...wake up with a sour taste in my mouth any more. Thanks... "

" can be pregnant? When I was I'd get that metal taste in my mouth from time to time. If not try 1 part water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide to help keep the infection... "

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" ...a mouthwash? Yuck! I get that same taste in my mouth when breathing PP02 ... "

" Terrible Taste in my Mouth Ok so for the past ...the 4th) I have had a terrible taste in my mouth. Just awful. I've tried: gargling with hydrogen peroxide brushing with activated charcoal... "

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" ...have been using it on my belly, because that is where my problems are. One of the odd things I have noticed is, after about 30 minutes I get a strange taste in my mouth, kind of metallic, or like... "

" ...that... 1. the bad taste in my mouth (and possible bad breath) ...sucker and am getting increasingly paranoid about the bad ...what's better: apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (just the... "

" ...and MS slowly started after my third baby, I also noticed that my saliva got noticably thicer, and my mouth drier. It's gotton worse over time, but I take Wellbutrin and Zoloft also: those can cau... "

" ...the tongue with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 5 parts water. I ...couldn't get the very back because I gag. The taste in my mouth was much better after that. I'm kinda wondering if there's ... "

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" ...I have the WORST taste in my mouth (which my dentist said ...was making me feel nauseous. I do continual ...someone suggested a watered down hydrogen peroxide rinse... Nothing works.. It's ... "

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