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Constipation (also known as costiveness, dyschezia, and dyssynergic defaecation) refers to bowel movements that are ...
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Common Constipation treatments discussed around the web
Miralax 25,031 Laxative 20,911 Stool Softener 14,293
986,242 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
986,242 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
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Tapioca Starch & Constipation

We found 13 discussions
" ...mean. My worst symptoms are excessive gas, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. I get constipated and then have diarreah. ...The base ingredients contain tapioca starch, canola oil, and salt... "

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" and have had an annoying 10lb weight gain since then. I ...are full of tapioca starch, cornstarch, rice flour ...solid and while I am not constipated....bowel movements are certainly f... "

" ...(chickpea flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch). White rice flour is notorius for causing bad constipatio... "

" ...have IBS-d with swings to constipation for no real reason sometimes. ...everyday, some times food, sometimes tapioca starch, since I seem to react ...when I take the tapioca starch with water... "

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" ...of starches ie: cornstarch, tapioca starch, potato starch, gums...not healthy nourishing foods..... As for the constipation issues , I too ...calls it chronic constipation... "

" ...Genius is: Water, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour, Potato ...brown Genius is: Water, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, ...experience bloating and either constipation and/or diarrhoea.... "

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" ...think eating non-gluten breads made out of corn starch, tapioca starch, or potato starch has to have an effect on ...fruit you will not be constipated. Try to stick to the... "

" ...non-quick kind looks like little spheres, not chips. The tapioca starch is a fine powder -- but it might be ...that it might make you constipated -- it did me. A... "

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" ...almond flour pancake recipe that works I used tapioca starch in place of the bean flour and just skipped ...a PBX, usually it's just con... "

" ...I've started eating prunes for constipation, since I stopped taking magnesium, and they are working very well. I've been using tapioca starch since the fall. I take maybe 1/4 teaspoon twice... "

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