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Tamiflu is taken for: Flu Swine Influenza Infection Bird Flu More


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Other names: Oseltamivir
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Oseltamivir International Nonproprietary Name , an antiviral drug, slows the spread of influenza (flu) virus between cells in the body...
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Tamiflu for Flu
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Tamiflu cause Bronchitis ?

Bronchitis is a known side effect of Tamiflu
#18 in Tamiflu discussions - 266 posts discuss Bronchitis with Tamiflu. Bronchitis is #18 concern in Tamiflu discussions.
We found 266 discussions
" The worse I had recently was bronchitis. Then the doc prescribed Tamiflu to be 'on the safe side' and I was... "

" Tamiflu gave me severe nausea, sickness & bronchitis (which has only just gone). The flu jab increases your risk of swine flu aparrently. Just thought I'd tell you guys if you have to get... "

" ...go to the doctor to get the prescription Tamiflu. If you catch the flu in its early stages, Tamiflu will shortcut it. Even with Tamiflu, I still ended up with bronchitis, but that was... "

" ...bronchitis and strep! Awful. Also a little boy in our neighborhood recently died from the H1N1. That scared me to death. He was healthy.....and then had the virus which cause pneumonia and died.... "

" ...She said I have the flu, but waited too long for the Tamiflu to be effective, then as a bonus I have sinusitis and... "

" ...her to the doctor's this morning and she has bronchitis, so now she still has to finish her Tamiflu and is also on antibiotics. Let's hope this is... "

" ...My close friend was advised to put her child under Tamiflu even though he just had a flu which was made worse by his bronchitis problem. The side effects mentioned were nausea and vomitting.... "

" the \"super flu\" I'm not kidding that's what they called it. It stayed in my body hibernated and morphed into a super bug and beat me from the inside out. They gave me Tamiflu which was... "

" ...the GP who said it sounded more like bronchitis and to think twice about the tamiflu, she decided against giving the tamiflu and her daughter had been fine. So SF or just viral/bronchitis? So... "

" ...antibodies blah, blah, blah) started on tamiflu. better within a couple of days. i got sick wed. pm, fever, chills. blew it off and ended up at carenow sat pm with bronchitis. still sick today.... "

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