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Tachycardia comes from the Greek words tachys (rapid or accelerated) and kardia (of the heart). Tachycardia typic...
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Common Tachycardia treatments discussed around the web
Atenolol 2,151 Propranolol 1,620 Toprol 1,381
169,631 conversations around the web about Tachycardia to help you make a decision
169,631 conversations around the web about Tachycardia to help you make a decision
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Tachycardia & Vitamin D Deficiency

0.1% of the posts that mention Vitamin D Deficiency also mention Tachycardia (22 posts)
Vitamin D Deficiency
We found 22 discussions
" you....I have a vitamin D deficiency also. I ...spikes also. I found out that mestinon can help control an oversympathetic system with issues such as random spikes and tachycardia. It seem... "

" Hi, I was just diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency. I was just wondering if ...are related to the vitamin d deficiency or not, but I ...list their symptoms. I have rapid heart rate, body wide p... "

" I started experiencing dizziness, fainting, bone pain, extreme ...weight loss, brain fog, and rapid heart rate about three months ago. My vitamin D deficiency was an incidental finding, as... "

" ...possibility that you had a vitamin-D deficiency caused by a nutritional ...because in certain cells, calcium regulates the voltage gate ...most likely caused the increased heart rate and all ... "

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" Vitamin D Deficiency and B12 Deficiency Does anyone ...causes severe B12 deficiency and vitamin d deficiency? I am starting 50,000 IU unexplained. I also have a VERY rapid pulse of 150. ... "

" ...for blood work. I have a feeling it is the Vitamin D deficiency and/or Iron that is ...I had halved my Atenolol (which I take for borderline high BP, tachycardia, and migraines/headaches) and ju... "

" ...ended up with chronic tachycardia. But it recorrected itself ...have low potassium or tachycardia. But i do have vitamin D deficiency like majorly. So i ...was later diagnosed with Lupus and ... "

" it could be a vitamin D deficiency so I have started taking ...we both believe are probably anxiety attacks. Chest pressure, rapid heartbeat, etc. We've done 2 EKG's and those came out... "

" ...weight loss and a rapid heart rate/tachycardia as well ??? I ...issue. We found a severe Vitamin D deficiency 18 months ago. I also experience chronic daily headaches ..... a kind that... "

" ...but hypothyroid, low potassium, and vitamin d deficiency. They are now thinking I ...ER and hospital stays for tachycardia and fluid/potassium loss. Still no... "

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