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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. The pr...
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Common Syphilis treatments discussed around the web
Doxycycline 242 Erythromycin 56 Tetracycline 54
36,156 conversations around the web about Syphilis to help you make a decision
36,156 conversations around the web about Syphilis to help you make a decision
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Syphilis & Urethral Discharge

7.99% of the posts that mention Urethral Discharge also mention Syphilis (46 posts)
Urethral Discharge
We found 46 discussions
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" ...a condom. The question about birth control was him trying to make an end run around the condom. Remember RW mentioned syphilis? Perhaps she ...pus from his urethral discharge from Gonorrhea.... "

" ...mucous urethral discharge I had unproteted oral ...comprehensive STD panel (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and HSV). ...I began to have clear, mucous urethral discharge, in very small... "

" ...In males, STDs can present with either an Ulcer(herpes, syphilis, chancroid), urethral discharge, Inguinal Lymph nodes. Mild urethral itching could be because... "

" ...(unlikely because you do not have any symptoms of urethral discharge or pain when peeing) and syphilis (which might not give any symptoms for up to... "

" contract than HIV. With syphilis and herpes, you have open the case of syphilis, virus in the case ...chlamydia you have vaginal or urethral discharge full of infectious bacteria. No... "

" Chlamydia would also cause urethral discharge not only gonrrhea... But I think the doctor already ...rule them out (Hepa B, syphilis and HIV) Sana wala namang... "

" ...also fit the criteria for syphilis. (A specific STI) If it ...might not have a painful urethral discharge. The scabs are the primary ...The only reservation about the syphilis possibility is ... "

" ...things. Screening for HIV and Syphilis (VDRL/RPR) is earliest at 1 ...Moreover if you develop any urethral discharge; burning sensation on passing urine;... "

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" ...days and herpes 3-20 days. Syphilis is too unlikely to worry ...I recommend against any testing unless you develop a urethral discharge within 7 days or genital sores within 3 weeks.... "

" ...sycosis as syphilinum does not cure syphilis. They lure out the original ...the product of the disease, e. g. the gonorrhoic urethral discharge in the case of medorrhinum, their action is muc... "

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