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Swollen Tongue

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4,602 conversations around the web about Swollen Tongue to help you make a decision
4,602 conversations around the web about Swollen Tongue to help you make a decision
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Swollen Tongue & Thrush

1.83% of the posts that mention Swollen Tongue also mention Thrush (84 posts)
Swollen Tongue
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We found 84 discussions
" Yes Jas I had swollen tongue and thrush for first two then my ONC prescribed a tablet to take for 5 days starting day before treatment which worked wonders. I can\\'t remember the... "

" ...low! almost always coincides with thrush type soreness elsewhere as well which is a treat my tongue goes a sort of yellowy colour and gets red sore patches my tongue swelling slightly... "

" ...Anyone else's lo have a swollen tongue when they had thrush?... "

" overall sexiness I have thrush. I seem to get it bed with the furry swollen tongue complaining about being constipated. The pain from this... "

" ...I hadmy 1st Taxotere on 25 Jan, and also have the swollen tongue and mouth and taste buds have gone to pot. Have the aches but worse is of anti-inflammatory tablets. Thrush is also a pr... "

" ...On day 6, I woke up with a swollen tongue, never in a million years did I know that I was allergic to hydrocodone, I know that Lori ...the 6 day I had thrush on my tongue also...Has anyone... "

" Blackdogs - that might be something to explore...had conflicting info on thrush...1 says white blisters w/red swollen tongue and other red blisters w/white coating...mine is more little... "

" ...has been recently diagnosed with CF and he has spent the last two days throwing up blood and stomach ...He also has a very swollen tongue full of those little \"lie\" bumps and thrush. Do any o... "

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" ...there were concerned about having oral thrush after seeing a white coating have it: 1. Painful swollen tongue 2. Bleeding sores 3. Thick know what else? Oral Thrush does not ki... "

" ...catch my breath, paramedic said it was due to oral thrush (side affect.from my tablets) and thought it was just ...ago, said i just had a swollen tongue and gave me some medicine.... "

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