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Swollen Lymph Nodes

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(Enlargement of lymph nodes)
Lymphadenopathy is a term meaning "disease of the lymph nodes." It is, however, almost synonymously used with "swollen/enlarged lymph ...
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37,941 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
37,941 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
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Swollen Lymph Nodes & Tick Bite

We found 62 discussions
" Hello! My lymph nodes are swollen. I want to know if this can be a symptom of tick bite. Few days ago my husband and I went to... "

" ...have swollen lymph node left side neck on ...swells up but have trouble swallowing when it does. ...not thyroid related. Had Lyme & babesiosis from tick bite in past. Had toxoplasmosis from c... "

" ...Tick bites can cause several diseases. I had a tick bite 4 weeks ago. It was on the back of touch, and I got swollen lymph nodes on that side of my... "

" think you had a tick bite? Were you in the woods ...fields lately? Do you have a bull'seye rash anywhere? (although I guess ...of it. Do you have any swollen lymph nodes (groin, undera... "

" ...yeah, it looks like a swollen lymph node. He's not sick. We were ...of them got the characteristic tick bite rash. But I looked up ...and one of the symptoms is swollen lymph nodes. But then ... "

" tender. She also has a swollen lymph node behind her ear on the same side as the tick bite. I have a prescription for ...Will it help with the tick bite... "

" I had a swollen and painful lump/area on ankle, I began feeling the swollen lymph node again (in my groin area). The ...bad mosquito bite or maybe a tick bite that I may have got... "

" ...I've ever had, I get swollen lymph nodes... "

" ...they usually prescribe Omnicef or Zithromax, ...mistake. Julia's only symptoms right now are swollen lymph node and swollen at her tick bite. She did say that've ever taken Ceftin ... "

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" ...very hard lump at tick bite site two months later? ...two months ago. She's had multiple swollen lymph nodes and currently the most ...Her pediatrician is convinced the tick bite has nothi... "

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