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Swollen Lymph Nodes

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(Enlargement of lymph nodes)
Lymphadenopathy is a term meaning "disease of the lymph nodes." It is, however, almost synonymously used with "swollen/enlarged lymph ...
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37,912 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
37,912 conversations around the web about Swollen Lymph Nodes to help you make a decision
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Swollen Lymph Nodes & Garlic

We found 66 discussions
" ...garlic fries and mashed potato ...I would try the garlic ice cream just to ...time. Hey, Ron, did your swollen lymph node problem just co... "

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" ...16 yr. old ds has a swollen lymph node right by his ear. Right ...other symptoms other than that. Do you think the garlic poultice might help?... "

" I am eating raw garlic, 150mg Diflucin/day. I am having swollen lymph nodes under my jaw bone, mild ...since I started eating raw garlic. Are these typical die-off... "

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" ...yr. old ds has a swollen lymph node right by his ear. ...that. Do you think the garlic poultice might help? Becky Yep! infection. Let's move garlic poultice discussions ... "

" ...Nodes What do you do for swollen lymph nodes? Their purpose is I have a swollen one and ...way, and also taking Acidophilus (probiotic pill). Oh, and also taking garlic and cutti... "

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" ...My 3yo dd had a terribly swollen lymph node with the flu last ...said it was infected. I've never dealt with swollen lymph nodes before so I gave it to her. I did put garlic on it once to see... "

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" ...Oh I feel it I got a swollen lymph node in neck, tired achy eyes,tired body alot of phlem ...the time.... I have been taking SA and a garlic pill anything else recipes tonics????Come on help me... "

" I too have had throat issues for months. I thought ...LPR. Sometimes it feels like swollen lymph nodes then others it feels like juice as much raw garlic as I can stomach to... "

" ...she needs to eat fresh/cooked garlic lots of it & cayenne ...2 years, now i have a swollen lymph node in my upper thigh, i've had strange abdominal pain the only thing that has helped me is the ... "

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" ...DH has had a swollen lymph node for 5 days. I ...and he was juicing, taking echinacea, vit.c, garlic, detox tea,elderberry, etc. He woke ...was HUUUUGE and he was in so much pain. He went ... "

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