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Swollen Feet

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(Pedal edema)
44,201 conversations around the web about Swollen Feet to help you make a decision
44,201 conversations around the web about Swollen Feet to help you make a decision
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Swollen Feet & Castor Oil

We found 50 discussions
" ...Ok, I won't risk taking castor oil. I will do lots more ...I just hope my swollen feet can... "

" ...pineapples, walking (only to get massively swollen feet), spicy food, sex, nipple stimulation. I have not done castor oil only because of some of... "

" ...under the sun except drink castor oil. It did not trigger labor, however, it completely eliminated the swelling in my feet/ankles and my horrific hip pain. I'm thinking of doing... "

" ...sleep, difficulty walking because my hips ache, super swollen feet/legs, and just being an emotional ...better off without me today. Castor oil is tomorrow (under supervision of... "

" I had a lot of swelling in my feet!!! I took castor oil and although it did not bring on labor it did take all the swelling out of my feet!!! It is uncomfortable but by no means... "

" I'm the same stage as you. I've got mild hands/feet swelling, and my hands are sore. Supposedly, drinking lots of water helps, and for ...don't have any experience with castor oil as this is my fir... "

" Quote: Good Luck hun I tried castor oil on my son and he still came 3 days ...was never off the toilet! Its horrid too! My swollen feet still haven t gone down at all even though... "

" ...geez, remind me never to take two doses of castor oil! I'm currently having the same problem with painfully swollen feet... but I also am willing to sacrifice them to... "

" Ok I guess castor oil may be a bit drastic To be honest I'm ...too, walking (-as much as is possible with my massive sore swollen feet), using a breast pump and went for a mexican... "

" ...good news tomorrow at my midwife apt. i tried castor oil, spicy food, sex, using the elliptical machine at home. killing me and my swollen feet!! there was my rant of... "

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