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Sweating Reducers

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41 conversations around the web about Sweating Reducers to help you make a decision
41 conversations around the web about Sweating Reducers to help you make a decision
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Sweating Reducers & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 41 discussions
" ...dissing shamppo (i dont use deodorants either), though what should i ...water really cleanse all the hydrogen perox... "

" Saltimore's use of hydrogen peroxide is very appropriate, and as ...also use it as an underarm deodorant since aluminum-based deodorants cause a painful skin condition. Works fine as lasting... "

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" ...for a few years. One thing that will get rid of the rash is good ole hydrogen peroxide. Put it on a cotton ...using different kinds of unscented deodorants but now the iching is... "

" ...Hydrogen peroxide is not an effective ...a mouthwash consisting of chlorhexidine, alcohol, and water. It's really great for cleaning out fresh ...bloody reaction to standard aluminum-contain... "

" I've tried actual deodorants but ended up using just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in the pouch. It's super cheap and works fine for me! Some people don't like it because for some it creates... "

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" ...shovels, Mops, Masks and gloves, Hydrogen peroxide, White vinegar, Any sort ...Duct and scotch tape, Toiletries (deodorants, tampons, soap, etc), Can... "

" ...should I take to get rid of body odor and ...probitics, yogurt, fiber, hydrogen peroxide , dental cleaning, multivitamins, zinc , tea tree oil, natural deodorants, prilosec, tagment, regular... "

" ...worthwhile! I'm using Clinical Strength deodorants and they do work, much ...of the chemicals in deodorants. I would caution people ...their arms. I used hydrogen peroxide and baking sod... "

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" ...foods drink plenty of fluids deodorants (antiperspirants stop the sweat from ...blocking the pores while deodorants destroy the bacteria when povidone-iodine apply some hydrogen peroxid... "

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" ...the 8hr. fail for Hydrogen Peroxide) led me to AVALON ORGANICS Lavender roll-on deodorant[Certified Organic] Well it is working 100% - I ...rock salt though, since deodorants seem to work cycli... "

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