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Sunflower Seed Oil + Thyroid

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26 conversations around the web about Sunflower Seed Oil + Thyroid to help you make a decision
26 conversations around the web about Sunflower Seed Oil + Thyroid to help you make a decision
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Sunflower Seed Oil & Thyroid

We found 26 discussions
" Hi , I use sunflower oil,rice bran oil,sesame oil,corn oil.I also use groundnut oil but ...but since i am having thyroid i stopped using soya.i use... "

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" ...or Lecithin (from Soy) for Sunflower Oil. Flax and Soy are goitrogens, creating goiters on the thyroid as binding with Iodine to ...that many people have found thyroid healing eating small but c... "

" ...I also coughed up some ugly thick crud. But my thyroid is back to normal and I can swallow dry ...monthly so that I get the best detox. I use sunflower oil and coconut oil from the... "

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" ...- from a motorbike crash that resulted in my having some of my thyroid and windpipe removed. I used sunflower oil on it for the first month, then went on to use bio oil.... "

" Arlyn wrote: It might be thyroid related but first I would take a good look ...cabbage . No vinegar and only moderate ammt of sunflower oil . No bread for months ... makes me fat... "

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", he is currently on thyroid medicine as well as an ...there better. As far as the Dreamcoat it has sunflower oil in it( which some people suggest can increase cancer... "

" ...Also, there are other oils people use: sesame oil, sunflower oil and these are both \"light\" oils and I may ...NOW, plus I like all the health benefits of CO..thyroid and breast health just... "

" ...reduced. Kindly now repeat your thyroid profile and restart thyroxine tab ...those tab and regulate your thyroid dosage.. U will definitely loose .... take olive oil and sunflower oil in diet... "

" ...muffin Lunch: lettuce, tuna with sunflower oil, cheese and bacon bits Snack: ...this to work as I loved not being hungry! I am kind of have a low number. Thyroid probs run in my fa... "

" ...with thanks can help the thyroid. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water helps the stomach. And oil pulling with sunflower oil that is expeller pressed can help headaches and stomachaches... "

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