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Sulfasalazine (brand name Azulfidine in the United States, Salazopyrin in Europe and Hong Kong) is a sulfa drug, a derivat...
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Sulfasalazine for RA
13,634 conversations around the web about Sulfasalazine to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Sulfasalazine and compared it to other RA medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Sulfasalazine & Zantac

We found 28 discussions
" I have been taking sulfasalazine for over twenty years. Sometimes it does make me feel the burning/nauseous yukky upset stomach. But now I make ...I take a Zantac 150. That seems to really... "

" I have been on sulfasalazine for about 25 years . It has helped me a lot. I ...flaring. I have to take Folic Acid to counter the effects ...sensitive and so I use Zantac when I know I am... "

" ...took Sulfasalazine for a while and I did not see any improvement. My Rheumy kept increasing the dose saying that he that time, Zantac. I also took ...luck with the Sulfasalazine than... "

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" ...Ped rheumatologist has her on zantac, mobic, and sulfasalazine (just recently). She seems like a good MD, but offers no help with diet/exercise for her.... "

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" ...much appreciated. So was the sulfasalazine hard on your ...take it? I've been taking Zantac 150 with mine.... "

" terrible *hugs* How much zinc do you take and how much prilosec and zantac? Do you feel the prilosec and zantac have helped with your ...long have you been on the Sulfasalazine and can ... "

" ...Zantac, and and an appetite stimulant I can't recall the name of at the moment. Ella just recently became fully potty trained, so it's not been as easy to tell if there is any blood in her sto... "

" ...Zantac to help (most meds ...sulfasalazine. Her rheumatologies wants her to go on methotrexate (sp?) but I am terrified of the possible side effects for her age. Have you tried medical mass... "

" ...Zantac, Folic Acid, and weekly injections of Meth. Now they are talking about Remicade. Does anyone have any experience with this med? They say it would be g... "

" ...anything about her condition? Would plain old functional gut/IBS improve with sulfasalazine? Also, her breathing could even ...the scope she was on Zantac. Well, she went off the Zantac back ... "

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