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Stuttering (alalia syllabaris), also known as stammering (alalia literalis or anarthria literalis), is a speech diso...
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120,190 conversations around the web about Stuttering to help you make a decision
120,190 conversations around the web about Stuttering to help you make a decision
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Stuttering & Thyroid

We found 59 discussions
" thyroid, stutter Hello, I have an ...of years but recently have started to stutter . Could the thyroid... "

" ...and am currently on the 60 mg dose. My stuttering has been reduced and I feel more relaxed and calm. And ...with Synthroid due to me being born without a ... "

" ...think? I have to collect thyroid tabs for the pharmacy every month, i used to get so dizzy, sweaty asking a simple collect my prescription\" id stutter saying \"prescription\" every tim... "

" ...with specific meds for the thyroid gland. I remember some of take Propranolol for their stuttering.. I was wondering if are ...what most ppl with a stutter experience. So my quest... "

" ...and I don't have a thyroid. I know everyone on all the thyroid groups/forums says it's useless though. ...months ago, I kept having some stuttering/speech problem which apparently is a... "

" can a thyroid dysfunctio be the cause of stuttering?? hi all after reading some the cause for my stuttering? I dont have silent blocks, ...think it can connected with stuttering?... "

" ...a huge dose. It's a common beginning dose for treating hypothyroidism. Your TSH is ...ideal dose of thyroid hormone takes time. to remember things, stuttering, and spelling difficulti... "

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" ...talking about. Another woman I work with had her thyroid removed, not due to Graves though, and also has Lupus. She does the same thing. Her and I enough. Like a brain stutte... "

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" ...all the time and I was stuttering real bad. I started losing ...My OBGYN immediately tested my thyroid and lo and behold there OBGYN does a complete thyroid panel on every new patient... "

" ...mad dreadful panic attacks.Also stuttering like mad. I was ...2 years to balance my thyroid. I also get i.b.s. 2 years ago my thyroid went totaly mad and I ...big efect on my thyroid balance.... "

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