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(Cerebrovascular accident)
stroke, previously known medically as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s...
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Common Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 6,247 Coumadin 2,898 Warfarin 2,344
753,943 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
753,943 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
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Stroke & Thyroid Storm

0.98% of the posts that mention Thyroid Storm also mention Stroke (46 posts)
Thyroid Storm
We found 46 discussions
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" ...mentioning it was getting close to stroke level (my diastolic level ...against the symptoms for thyroid storm: My daughter ... "

" think!Then he ended up in the hospital with a thyroid storm.He had rai was doing fine.Recently he had a mild stroke.I know he ...last week I feel really good!I take a low dose xanex that help... "

" ...up in what is called thyroid storm/crisis. In the mist of it was because I had a stoke. Long story short I had ...looking to have WLS-VSG. I am still over weight and I cant get... "

" ...or are not on anti-thyroid meds. You could have a heart attack or stroke. You could have a Thyroid Storm and go into vascular collapse. Your Naturopath is... "

" ...MAY die off anyway. But in the meantime, you are at risk of thyroid storm (heart attack or stroke) if your levels arent kept an eye on. Graves and Hyperthyroidism is a... "

Post from
" ...I read posts from people who have put off treatment until they have a stroke, heart attack or thyroid storm. Sometimes we get a post from a relative that someone who did that--... "

Post from
" Your endo makes me angry because, while hypo is hell, hyper can kill! an ER! I had to when I had thyroid storm and my BP was nearing stroke range. I was on beta blockers for a few... "

" ...slang. Thyrotoxicosis and/or thyroid storm in the search engine works better. Thyroid storm Uncommon life-threatening exacerbation ...illness (e.g. stoke, infection, trauma... "

Post from
" RE: thyroid storm to John I am not ...are so high you risk stroke and other complications. Of course ...found out \"by golly she's got graves\" I'm not sure about... "

" ...high and then I had a thyroid storm, and a year later I'm ...pulling me around to synthroid, thyroid compound, and armour ...die of a heart attack or stroke at this point, but I'm... "

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