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(Cerebrovascular accident)
stroke, previously known medically as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s...
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Common Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 6,251 Coumadin 2,900 Warfarin 2,344
754,598 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
754,598 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Stroke

Stroke & Epinephrine (Ingredient)

We found 362 discussions
" issue and getting panicky then I find ...tipped up and I have slid down and my heart races afterward and I can ...was about to ahve a stroke but was assured it was caused by adrenalin ... "

" ...of pre-diabetes causing a stroke nor symptoms such as you describe. Pre-diabetes is the earliest step of the diabetes continuum. Panic attacks can be due to adrenalin or thyroid malfunction. Nor... "

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" ...races.....the tension, excitement, anticipation and adrenalin of the start make me have a HR of about 180bpm, then when the gun goes i would have to breathe every stroke. For me it was all... "

" ...only days away from having a stroke myself during my C/T experience. during cuts I take a little extra Propranolol as my Dr. ordered. the source and blocks adrenalin so my Dr. tel... "

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" ...heart attack or stroke and everything in between. Having been around when someone had severe anaphylaxis due to a nut allergy from eating ...everything from 2 epipen's being administered, mak... "

" ...true suffocation. Your body dumps adrenalin into the system because you are suffocating. Your heart rate and ...leading to heart attacks and stroke. Here are a few peer... "

" ...The extra weight simplified my strokes and I leverage the weight ...the serve, like the other strokes, I let the racquet do ...with my serve and with adrenalin I don't feel... "

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" ...a very powerful stimulant that will send the circulatory system into overdrive. In my single experience with it Zencore worked better than Viagra in the erectile dept. but I thought I was going to ... "

" ...for Paxil withdrawal. I had depression for months along with ...10 months I'm still having adrenalin surges but not as bad ...likely to die of a stroke from the zaps or any... "

" ...describing is sort of an adrenalin rush, where it rushes around ...these type of attacks and I too believed I was having a stroke. My advice to you is to try and run... "

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