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Stretch Marks

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(Skin striae)
Stretch marks or striae (Grammatical number stria), as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin ...
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Common Stretch Marks treatments discussed around the web
Mederma 2,338 Retin A 1,091 Vaseline 540
286,676 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
286,676 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
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Stretch Marks & Iodine

We found 37 discussions
" ...thanks for the rubbing alcohol suggestion, Breanna&Brayden! It worked! Some pretty hard ...a TON. The iodine is almost completely gone. Now I've only got the stretch... "

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" ...sorry. I had to have iodine baths and spread iodine straight on my skin! It also made me get stretch marks, or at least made them ...worse then they would have been because i kept itching in my... "

" ...rid of scars -- iodine being the other half of the formula! Iodine (applied topically) works fantastic I won't use Mederma because it has parabens on some minor stretch marks on... "

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" ...would work on stretch marks: 'I have not tried the iodine on stretch marks. However a person with stretch marks wrote to me I did was on surgical scars. I him asking about st... "

" ...Another forum where the Derry iodine scar study was posted, someone ...probably give it a go on my acne scars, stretch marks and discolouration too. I wonder... "

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" Iodine \"burn\"????? I've been using the lugol's iodine topically, putting a drop or two on my belly ...front of my thigh, I have some old deep stretch marks there, and it burned and... "

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" the time but i am pretty sure that stretch marks are a zinc diffeiceincy. I suggest taking kelp tablets from a health shop which are high in zinc and iodine which may help you lose weight if yo... "

" ...folic acid and Iodine...But is there anything else that she should be doing? She's been taking 250mcg of iodine daily and 4G of vitamin C (per some literature on high doses of vitamin C & easier... "

" ...papers discussing using iodine solution to get ...some questions, including if iodine solution would work with stretch marks. he said that he hadnt tested it on stretch marks before but he thin... "

" ...trying the lugols for about aweek. It's having an interesting effect on my skin. I have also had an active fx patch test done on one of my stretch marks. I will need ...badly to iodine. On my... "

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