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Stretch Marks

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(Skin striae)
Stretch marks or striae (Grammatical number stria), as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin ...
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Common Stretch Marks treatments discussed around the web
Mederma 2,334 Retin A 1,088 Vaseline 540
285,228 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
285,228 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
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Stretch Marks & Castor Oil

We found 296 discussions
" ...I am 38 weeks and 143 lbs. I have stretch marks in every place imaginable and just getting up from 38 weeks it will never end! I tries castor oil last night... all I got was a bad case... "

" ...3 TCA/glycolic treatments, retin-a and CP the look as they did before...How fustrating! I bought a brush and will keep trying but I don't understand why I am not seeing results? Here's what I... "

" Dear geetha, I have gained nearly 5 kgs (11 pounds) till now ...i am beginning to get stretch marks..but didnt know abt applying from ...then i will manage with castor oil as u said..Pl do te... "

" ...have no pictures to show the improvement. I have old stretch marks that were very silvery white. I use emu oil after the castor oil treatments following trireduction and super... "

" ...I have stretch marks that I ...heard of the castor oil method- I think ...anyone can give me. I look forward to posting regularly with you guys and hopefully, we can all get rid of our stretc... "

" ...Ive also tried everything except castor oil, but it just seems scary already crampy and having loose stool so i cant imagine worse, i keep having random stretch marks pop up on my... "

" ...because now I have stretch marks :( I have heard not to use vitamin E right away because ...after I started getting stretch marks), and have seen many ...a naturopath to try castor oil but I ... "

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" Castor oil is great. Apply after shower still wet... "

" for getting rid of stretch marks, except using... "

" is Amy. I have alot of stretch marks due to 3 pregnancy's. My youngest child is brush) I also apply castor oil and then wrap the area ...4 weeks and my stretch marks are 75% ... "

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