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Stretch Marks

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(Skin striae)
Stretch marks or striae (Grammatical number stria), as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin ...
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Common Stretch Marks treatments discussed around the web
Mederma 2,332 Retin A 1,087 Vaseline 539
284,839 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
284,839 conversations around the web about Stretch Marks to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks & Back Brace

We found 9 discussions
" ...that I use on my face. I have a back brace also so that tip you gave will also help. I hate my stretch marks too and even a slight reduction would be a... "

" are you doing with the stevia on your stretch marks? mine are very slowly going away.... I can see ...with it on and my back brace..... I fell asleep not on... "

" ...been binding. But I didn't get a postpartum belt-I've just been using a back brace that I already had. Now if j could just lose the stretch mark... "

" ...Also, I swear by Mederma. It's expensive, but it literally has made my stretch marks almost disappear! Which makes ...she started using a back brace for posture after her weight loss, and her st... "

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" ...:( I've stopped gaining at 18 pounds. Like seriously ...HIDEOUS and PAINFUL stretch marks and my belly itself is a freaking boulder. The stretch marks keep me up ...pants, and a back brace t... "

" ...they put me in a back brace for three years. This was ...I have saggy breasts also. They have always had stretch marks (40D) and I've always hated them because I've seen... "

" ...saranwrap myself (put my back brace on- get dressed and ...some rosehip oil over the stretch marks... Just did it yesterday. Today fading...actually better than the stretch marks - one... "

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" ...Yes, I am using a back brace to cover my skivies! I ...but pretty flat stomach. Please look past my ugly stretch marks (I did get 2 pretty babies out of the... "

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" weight gain, I have stretch marks going all over my bum, well as wearing a back brace, but they only help with ...really embarassed about my inner-thigh stretch marks. Please tell me... "

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