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Throat irritation

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Ask a question
Throat irritation means different things to different people. Some people may mean a dry cough others describe it as a scratchy feeli...
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44,635 conversations around the web about Throat irritation to help you make a decision
44,635 conversations around the web about Throat irritation to help you make a decision
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Stress & Throat irritation

We found 1,317 discussions
" ...some relief. I was wondering if the hoarseness I get can be controlled with anything? It seems to get bad late in the day with the throat clearing and the coughing diet and stress levels b... "

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" ...I like your style! I'm gonna ask my wife for the same \"treatment\" for my troublesome throat-clearing habit. I have a few perhaps help lighten up the stress of the battle here and... "

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" ...tics where his stress points are. For ...tic; cold = throat clearing tic. If her first tic had anything to do with what Nasonex treats (either a sniffing or blinking or throat clearing tic) ... "

" I am experiencing the same issue of throat clearing due to stress. if you find a solution please post it here.... "

" ...three physical indicators of nerves/stress while driving: 1. Sighing 2. Clearing my throat continuously 3. Scratching... "

" ...words. The surgery was so stress free that I stressed about it feeling so stress free. I miss my exercising, I still have the throat clearing, which is stressin... "

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" ...My second cousin clearly has tics, my dad's uncle had a throat clearing tic when stressed, and my dad has eye blinking when he's stressed. I had very severe TS... "

" ...same problem when her Concerta was increased. it is the Concerta that is causing the Tics (blinking and throat clearing) and stress was also a factor for ...Tics if they get stressed but they d... "

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" ...second cousin who has tics & his father had a throat clearing tic when stressed. I'm very allergic to foods, dust/molds, and pollens. Allergy ...make a difference in his tics.... "

" ...clearing stress problem Hi, My 26-year-old ...away. He's been through a stressful period recently, which he says ...seems to be increasing his stress levels again. Any suggestions any... "

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