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Strep Throat

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(Pharyngitis streptococcal)
Streptococcal pharyngitis, streptococcal tonsillitis, or streptococcal sore throat (known colloquially as '''strep throat'...
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Common Strep Throat treatments discussed around the web
Amoxicillin 1,412 Amoxil 59 Amoxi 8
61,037 conversations around the web about Strep Throat to help you make a decision
61,037 conversations around the web about Strep Throat to help you make a decision
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Strep Throat & Tooth Infection

0.23% of the posts that mention Tooth Infection also mention Strep Throat (15 posts)
Tooth Infection
Strep Throat
We found 15 discussions
" ...throat, tooth infection, difficulty in swallowing. Taken Ibuprofen. Treatment? I have strep throat an tooth infection.. I have anxiety and terrified that I m deathly I ll. It s ...healthy- have ... "

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" Very rarely. I once had strep throat for over two months, no lie. Turns out, I had a tooth infection that kept spreading to my throat. As ...very seldom that I get sick, though. I only miss... "

" ...strep throat. The strep cleared up but 80% of the hair on my head fell out afterward. I still had eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, etc. Then, by September, most of my hair had grown back in. In ... "

" ...started on Azithromycin by my Dr. in case I had strep throat but come to find out I have a real bad wisdom tooth infection, which is very... "

" ...I am on penicillin. It doesn't make me sick. But I had a tooth infection. It seems to be helping ...I am very prone to strep throat. I hope you start feeling... "

" Hi - interesting about your infection. I had a really bad tooth infection about 3 years ago and my P went mad. ...guttate which flares up with strep throat infection and then usually clears... "

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" sorry you are suffering with a Kidney Infection. I was hospitalized with ...take an antibiotic for a strep throat it wont clear up a tooth infection. Do you know what I... "

" ...of relief until I had to stop this and methotrexate due to illness (a few bouts of strep throat and a tooth infection). Was off for Simponi better than the other TNF agents I've tried... "

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" ...fat for fuel. Also this breath may be considered to be related to a sinus infection , strep throat , tooth infection , it is hard to tell! I would start with your pediatrician and it sounds funny b... "

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" ...some simpler potential causes: Like strep throat Like infected tonsil Tooth infection/poor dental care. Improper hygiene after ...he gets fevers /sweats; treats them with ibuprofen and they... "

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