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Strep Throat

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(Pharyngitis streptococcal)
Streptococcal pharyngitis, streptococcal tonsillitis, or streptococcal sore throat (known colloquially as '''strep throat'...
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Common Strep Throat treatments discussed around the web
Amoxicillin 1,426 Amoxil 59 Amoxi 8
61,893 conversations around the web about Strep Throat to help you make a decision
61,893 conversations around the web about Strep Throat to help you make a decision
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Strep Throat & Nystatin

We found 55 discussions
" sounds like strep throat to me. maybe something called ...yes. the doctor usually prescribes nystatin which is some liquid med ...swab all aro... "

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" is it Nystatin? my DS had thrush at ...had a fungal nappy rash, strep throat and impetigo! the thrush looked ...up once he was given Daktarin an... "

" for fungal. I had strep throat, immediately when my strep started ...week's later I had caught Thrush. We called it ...disease. It's easily treated with Nystatin drug. Taste nasty, but wo... "

" and I have Strep throat. Great. I'm home for ...going to flare! But, wow, it will be so nice to be rid of this sore throat that I'm not I will take Nystatin (an Rx antifung... "

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" anybody ever have a yeast infection in there throat........ ...kinda upset that i had strep throat for 2 weeks before i ...this horrible tasting medicine called \"nystatin\" 5 times a day for... "

" I don't really need nystatin. I might try concocting something ...bad?? Years ago I had a horrible strep throat while I was in college, ...and the doc prescribed viscous xylocaine to swi... "

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" ...hi there, i was diagnosed with thrush in my mouth and fact was covering up strep throat. for the past 4 days my vagina has been very itchy and my outer labia ...(which was cleared up w... "

Post from
" ...old and said his diaper rash is a fungal infection. She gave me a rx for nystatin. Do I really have ...he also has eczema, and to ...and was treated for strep throat twice during my pregnan... "

" DD is on diflucan now. We already tried nystatin. And Gentian violet. That's the reason I have a sore in the first place. ...I think I have strep throat. I've had a sore throat all weekend and... "

" ...Thrush is February, following strep throat and antibiotics. It did ...I was prescribed liquid nystatin to swish, and perhaps ...don't recall. The thrush never came back, but I developed... "

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