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Stool Softener is taken for: Constipation Bloating

Stool Softener

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Taken for: Constipation, Bloating
Method of use: Pill, Syrup
Prescribing mode: OTC
Laxatives (purgatives, aperients) are foods, compounds, or drugs taken to induce bowel movements or to loosen the Feces, ...
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Stool Softener for Constipation
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Does Stool Softener cause Hair Loss ?

#19 in Stool Softener discussions - 101 posts discuss Hair Loss with Stool Softener. Hair Loss is #19 concern in Stool Softener discussions.
We found 101 discussions
Stool softener made my hair fall out
Dr prescribed 2 stool softener daily and said it would take about a year to start having regular bowel moments. I was slow to realize it was making my hair fall out by the hand full. Had blood test to check thyroid and other hormones every thing was normal. One day it dawned on me that my hair problem started about two weeks into taking the pills. Been off for three days now and hair has slowed down from falling out. Has any one had this problem and do you think my hair will start to grow back

" ...told me 80% chance of losing hair because when I had ACT and lost all my hair then. Kristin09 - Thanks for the stool softener warning... Tx ladies... off to... "

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" ...result, shrinkage, no mets. My hair fell out beginning in week four or ...the sequence I started experiencing fatigue. I did take stool softener and miralax all the way... "

" ...- Can't answer your question about hair loss but wanted to bump the top. Bowels get a little cranky after surgery. I took stool softener once but just ate a good diet after that...LOTS... "

" ...I was on high dose taxotere for 9 ...chemo at all. i lost my hair but it grew ...tell everyone to take a stool softener the day before, day of & the day after. I did get some joint pain & tha... "

" Sadly, my hair loss has begun. I cried when hair and saw the hair loss begin. I believe healthy fat ...loss has begun. i took 3 senolac w/stool softener last night and nothing... "

" Hi Bonnie, I was on Taxotere & Carbo. My hair ...quite a lot. ALL my hair fell out. No shaving anything for about ...thing to remember is take a stool softener the day before chemo, the... "

" ...movements by using stool softener. Even though I've been through menopause for 6 yrs, I have been experiencing hot flashes again. Also I noticed my hair is falling out, not severely but... "

" ...about it either. This has happened to me in the past before with rapid weight loss, so it was expected. I've been VERY good about my protein as well. I think it's just part of the shock to the... "

", a big issue has been stomach problems; the first time around I had bad constipation and I didn't take a stool softener until 3 days after the ...they knew once my hair was falling out I was ... "

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