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Stomach Problems

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(Upset stomach)
Dyspepsia , also known as upset stomach or indigestion, refers to a condition of impaired digestion. It is a medical cond...
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Common Stomach Problems treatments discussed around the web
Pepto-Bismol 1,844 Nexium 1,180 Prevacid 842
308,084 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
308,084 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
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Stomach Problems & Upper Respiratory Infection

0.19% of the posts that mention Upper Respiratory Infection also mention Stomach Problems (93 posts)
Upper Respiratory Infection
Stomach Problems
We found 93 discussions
" ...stomach problems ...(probably not the right words for me to use). Kefir has little effect on my stomach or my ME viral symptoms alone. (Dr Chia did have a theory about non-stomach upper respi... "

" ...feedings. But she didn't lose weight so the drs did not worry. She also had rsv and a lot of upper respiratory infections but out grew accident. She was having some stomach problems they p... "

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" ...of influenza (most are upper respiratory infections, stomach bugs, ect) and even fewer ...vaccine would cover, no. It *might* prevent me from getting a specific strain of the flu but its not goi... "

" ...change of OTC meds, and the stomach problem cleared up - but I ...a cat last weekend.? He got sick the day I brought ...him to the vet on Monday...URI.? Even with taking antibiotics, he... "

" ...week. I've had to parent with a broken bone, URI infections, stomach bugs.... with DH out of town, of course. DH IIRC ...days, about 10 holidays. No cap on sick days. He never takes... "

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" ...critical progreesive unit, he has an upper respiratory infection, and maybe the bug, as had an upset stomach today. He also is having ...several years ago, because his diabetes became to unmanag... "

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" ...can end up actually feeling very unwell. The bulk of the ...are at greater risk of succumbing to viruses such as upper respiratory tract infections and stomach ups... "

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" ...been dropped. I had also caught that miserable upper respiratory infection, so that kind of ...a broad spectum of antifungal and antibacterial...I'll get the stomach problems and won't eat the ... "

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" ...had 2 rounds of abx for a pretty severe upper respiratory infection and a double EI (he has some hearing issues ...of stuff to help his stomach upset. (He loves fruit and applesauce... "

" great. However I have a seriously sick kitten. He was reserved ...vets for weeks with seizures, upper respiratory tract infection, upset tummy, inner ear infection, high temperatures... "

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