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Stomach Problems

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(Upset stomach)
Dyspepsia , also known as upset stomach or indigestion, refers to a condition of impaired digestion. It is a medical cond...
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Common Stomach Problems treatments discussed around the web
Pepto-Bismol 1,854 Nexium 1,189 Prevacid 843
310,194 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
310,194 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
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Stomach Problems & Tonsil Stones

0.33% of the posts that mention Tonsil Stones also mention Stomach Problems (26 posts)
Tonsil Stones
Stomach Problems
We found 26 discussions
" ...I get an upset stomach, **** out my intestines, have throat mucus and tonsil stones. Gots to... "

" ...laspinas e, i also had an impacted wisdom tooth. But i know long ...suffer from PND or any stomach discomfort. I consulted a dentist, an But i do have tonsil stones. My breath gets rea... "

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" ...lactose intolerant and have tonsil stones and was also diagnosed ...antibiotics. The first tooth infection was caused by a deep clean of my ...more cramps, no more stomach upsets no more BB. ... "

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" ...again, due to a persistent stomach problem that makes it difficult for ...i made mentioned that i was vegan and my tonsil stones virtually disappeared when i eliminated dairy from my diet. tr... "

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" ...been pleasant. I do have a condition roughly called tonsil stones....basically people who have large tonsils ...later found out she had stomach problems which probably was causing the... "

" ...wouldn't go down or out, tonsil stones all the time and they would go deep down causing infection and ...not help. I felt unwell 24/7. My ENT find out my stomach problems, i had h pylor... "

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" has nothing to do with dental hygiene or stomach problems. Instead, the foul smell comes from 'tonsil stones', which often result when the tonsils become pitted with... "

" ...CVS pharmacy. I also have a great taste in my mouth and my teeth feel cleaner. To prvent stomach upset take after meals and snacks. ...It smelled really bad with tonsil stones. I check out my t... "

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" ...likely to be tonsil stones. I have seen morning breath or stomach problems or unbrushed teeth. After seeing the first patient with tonsil stones ( "

" ...cause of your bad breath? Possible causes: 1) Infected wisdom teeth 2) Infected tonsils, tonsil stones 3) Sinus infection ...overgrowth 7) Stomach problem, heliobactor pylori... "

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