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Stomach Flu

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(Gastric flu)
Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach flu, and stomach virus, although unrelated to influenza) is mark...
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168,044 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
168,044 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
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Stomach Flu & White Blood Cell Count

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" ...yeh i was off ill stupid stomach bug. and now this morning ive been told my white blood count is low hence my crap ...and i still feel really weak from my stomach bug and work is so... "

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" when my candida was at its worst ...75%) i also started getting a very severe stomach flu many times within like 2 ...yes they told me my white blood count was low. i dont kn... "

" ...helps stop my muscle twitches. I take magnesium glycinate by metagenics ...never had an abnormal white blood cell count with lyme except when I got the stomach flu. I tested negative for... "

" I've had both stomach flu and appendicitous and a good ...that 3 days then it is not the flu. Get to the hospital ...after it happened. Since my white blood cell count was normal and I didn't... "

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" I had a bout with an intestinal flu deal earlier this week. I lost ALOT of moisture from both ends (If ...and am afraid I ate up a bunch of white cells due to the fever . Any ideas as to... "

" ...feel that way. I went to the hospital with a stomach flu with my first and the staff on hand all acted like i was being a hypochondriac and that I was just having morning sickness. All my labs... "

" ...suffered from constipation since early childhood, things only really kicked off when i had a bad stomach bug which triggered the bloating restart soon when my white blood count goes up a b... "

" ...Last year I had this really awful stomach flu that lasted 2 weeks ...took blood and my white blood cell count was low. They told ...had no immune system, I would be getting serious infection... "

" still scared, i had a stomach bug this past weekend,went to the ...protein in my urine, my white blood count is elevated a little, my, since i had a stomach bug, the white blood cel... "

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" ...19 was 4. He had a \"stomach flu\" type illness and out of ...CBC which showed a very high WBC count (I believe it was like ...float in the blood making the WBC count in the blood appear... "

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