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Stomach Flu

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(Gastric flu)
Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach flu, and stomach virus, although unrelated to influenza) is mark...
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167,938 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
167,938 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
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Stomach Flu & Pineapple Juice

We found 16 discussions
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" when you are hungover - except when you have a stomach bug with it I their fault. Pineapple juice... "

" ...vits is they all contain folic acid which means I take too much of it. I will get back on to pineapple juice now my stomach bug seems to have gone (I hope). Thanks, hang on in there.... "

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" ...think I either had stomach flu yesterday or some violent ...twice and had diarrhea that was ...adding a wheatgrass in pineapple juice drink to the OJ fast be breaking the fast? My uremia was... "

" ...have the stomach bug? My mum experienced ...annoying smell of pineapple juice which to me ...couple of times. I'm so anxious about this as I have an immense fear of vomiting Please help! Woul... "

" Stomach bug or pineapple juice?! Today ive had abit of ...This morning i drank some pineapple juice that was beside my bed ...Could it have been the pineapple juice making my tummy abit weird?... "

" ...Hi everyone -- I had a stomach flu two weeks ago and then I was hit with ...oatmeal, taking CMZ pills three times a day, drinking pineapple juice, drinking Mother's Milk tea twice a day, and spi... "

" sorry. I HATE the stomach flu! Any fluids you can. It ...And guiness. Oh and punk's pineapple juice helped me. Good luck! I've ...It can be done. Feel better... "

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" 1st TrimesterNew Discussion Ugh, I think i have the stomach bug Pineapple juice is good if you can keep liquids down, plus... "

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"'s not pregnancy it sounds like some kind of stomach flu or virus. I would recommend seeing if you can ...from the yogurt and great digestive enzymes from the pineapple juic... "

"! Actual vomiting bits of stomach bug didn't last too long. I ...fluids coming in as much as possible ( diluted pineapple juice, gatorade) and I don't think my supply was affected... "

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