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Stomach Flu

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(Gastric flu)
Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach flu, and stomach virus, although unrelated to influenza) is mark...
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168,002 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
168,002 conversations around the web about Stomach Flu to help you make a decision
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Stomach Flu & Coconut Milk

We found 46 discussions
" Cal had the stomach flu at 13 mos - wouldn't touch Pedialyte but he to find it at any grocery store. Just don't confuse it with coconut milk! I hope it works for her and she's better... "

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" ...took my first Shake this morning and used - Coconut Milk Thinned out with some Coconut Water 1/2 scoop Whey ...1 tsp. Psyllium I have felt sick since I took it. ...than if I had the s... "

" ...M&S french fries, babycorn Fortisip extra, 50g oats, 250ml coconut milk really shit, actually, but I've had a stomach bug since Friday and body is rejecting anything but the... "

" ...thanks for the coconut milk recommendation! I found ...up after the coconut milk (which definitely suggests that it's a stomach she has a ...cow's milk :) Coconut milk will probabl... "

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" ...that all sounds good *stomach bug* Today I had around ...with rice milk molasses and coconut milk. And gatorade. I started to ...the label on the coconut milk. Sulfites. Perfect. My... "

" Aw I'm sorry! I had a stomach bug twice while pregnant, and food poisoning once around 3 ...rehydrate. I'm a big fan of coconut water and coconut milk when my supply dips. I've had really good luck... "

" this morning (I've had a stomach bug) and got the wrong type ...satay beef with broccoli and onion using extra light coconut milk with some thai noodles. Not too bad! SW: 69.5kg(ish)... "

" ...back to it Monday. got a stomach bug yesterday which was kind of ...with shredded zucchini and salsa on top coffee with coconut milk L- romaine, yellow squash, sugar snap peas, grape tomato... "

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" ...a day. Are you taking cod-liver oil selenium and potassium? Duncan On ...morning and used - Coconut Milk Thinned out with some ...than if I had the stomach Flu.... "

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" ...they were 109K, I had the stomach flu! Also, the only other things ...drinking a lot of coconut milk (which I have stopped) ...just the wheatgrass coffee and coconut milk. I really wish t... "

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