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Stiff Neck

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(Neck stiffness)
Meningism is the triad of nuchal rigidity (neck stiffness), photophobia (intolerance of bright light) and headache. It is a medical si...
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33,837 conversations around the web about Stiff Neck to help you make a decision
33,837 conversations around the web about Stiff Neck to help you make a decision
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Stiff Neck & Tingling In My Hands

0.36% of the posts that mention Tingling In My Hands also mention Stiff Neck (53 posts)
Tingling In My Hands
Stiff Neck
We found 53 discussions
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" ...I am very nervous and need the support. I am 31 and have suffered from, stiff neck, pressure, headaches, tingling fingers and tremors for years. I hope and pray that this surgery will help... "

" ...have to get my C4 & C6 fixed soon.My symptoms- stiff neck, migraines, tingling fingers, numbness on one side, sharp or stabbing pain.After your... "

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" ...Recently I started having intermittent tingling in my hands and feet. I have some neck stiffness. My mother passed away ...I occassionally get headaches. Dr. tends ...stress . Gave me Xanax 0... "

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" ...scary, i even have chest pains from it. ive ...i get a lot of neck stiffness, sometimes get tingling in my fingers (not often), feels lke theres ...muscle and along my shoulder is swollen als... "

" Hi holiday lover I get tingling In my feet and recently had it down my left arm which ...checked especially if you say you had headache and stiff neck are you on hrt or any medication might even... "

Post from
" ...both neg.But I still have tingling in my hands and feet and ringing in my ears.I ...have a lump in my neck and pain in my joints and a stiff neck. My Doctor says the tests... "

" ...years old but didn't start really feeling the major affects until 28. The stiff neck, the migraines, the tingling in my fingers, etc. That's when I got the MRI and they said I'll eventually need... "

" I too have tingling and numbness, especially in ...and am just over 5'5\". I guess the good news is the tingling in my fingers has nothing to do with sore, tight, stiff neck I always seem to... "

" neck stiff and fingers tingle i lifted ...the next day i had tingling in my hands an when i move my ...has stooped but i have tingling in my hands and my ears sound like... "

" ...Last Week I Have Been Feeling All Over Tired! Extremely Tired. I ...Just Tired. I Have Had Some Tingling In My Feet -- Especially At Night And A Really All Over Stiff Neck -- Hurts When I Loo... "

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