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(Has tingling sensation)
Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Tingling treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 2,911 Lyrica 2,330 Gabapentin 1,837
479,028 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
479,028 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
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Statins & Tingling

We found 800 discussions
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" ...from Zetia or the tingling that they say can be associated w/it? I have tingling from Topamax. I can't take Statins because they induce migraines.... "

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" ...myelitis and statin drugs I currently have transverse myelitis and since I have been taking a statin drug I've noticed increased numbness , tingling and pain in my... "

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" ...lot. My tingling and cramps have gone down considerably since I stopped taking the statins. i will kee... "

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" ...effects of statins. even warned my mum who was on them,turned out she had been having odd tingling and... "

" ...charley horses in calfs and toes. I went off statins 4 weeks ago and still have tingling feeling in legs but no charley horses at night.... "

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" ...had to stop. I had tingling all over, numbness in face, ...stop and not take any statin for 2 weeks. Will try Lipitor... "

" I think my leg achiness/tingling is coming from my Lipitor statin medication, the w/d leg aches ...of sleep. I started The statin 3 months ago and the... "

" ...meds. The description of the tingly feeling, hypersensitivity, and numbness can be ...effect of many of the \"statin- drugs\" on the market i... "

" ...problems with nerve pain/tingling while taking statins? I have been taking pravachol for almost a year now, and have had worsening symptoms for about... "

" she on a statin? My DH has been ...also, either pain, hurting or tingling. Went for his checkup today- - Dr. mentioned the statin. Will call him tomorro... "

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