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Staph Infection

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(Staphylococcal infection)
Staphylococcus is a genus of Gram-positive bacteria which includes several species that can cause a wide variety of infections in humans...
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Common Staph Infection treatments discussed around the web
Bactrim 455 Vancomycin 282 Rifampin 52
37,925 conversations around the web about Staph Infection to help you make a decision
37,925 conversations around the web about Staph Infection to help you make a decision
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Staph Infection & Post op

We found 476 discussions
" ...restrict calories on purpose...have little appetite following hospital-acquired staph infection that fortunately is not ...on down ... "

" ...and i am five months post op. i have the swelly belly ...a while because i had a staph infection in my... "

" ...I already had a painful staph infection on my head last year ...( about 4 months post op). Do not want tha... "

" ...months post op I had my TAH ...March 12th had to have second surgery because of a staph infection. I cannot seem to ... "

" ...oozing at one week post op and it turned out to be a staph infection and I had to ...2 week course of Bactrim. Fortunately the antibiotic cle... "

" ...hello- I am 3 monthes post op for a TT. I also had a staph infection which is finally cleared up. Because of this my PS mentioned scar... "

" ...Spasms Am three weeks post op - had a urinary staph infection for which I am taking tetracycline and pain pills. ...I am suffering with intense bladder spasms and hav... "

" post-op infection Did any one of ...I had a severe infection post-op, but my doctor never really medical records that I found out it was a staph infection. I was wondering if... "

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" ...had a very frustrating recovery and rehab from my first lr/med men op staph infection slowed me as did... "

" ...7 weeks post op today. cannot ...else. i am having terrible night sweats and trouble sleeping. however, i also have been fighting a staph infection. when th... "

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