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Staph Infection

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(Staphylococcal infection)
Staphylococcus is a genus of Gram-positive bacteria which includes several species that can cause a wide variety of infections in humans...
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Common Staph Infection treatments discussed around the web
Bactrim 446 Vancomycin 282 Rifampin 50
37,775 conversations around the web about Staph Infection to help you make a decision
37,775 conversations around the web about Staph Infection to help you make a decision
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Staph Infection & Iodine

We found 50 discussions
" ...would simply apply Iodine (whatever kind they apply the Iodine again, and think ...use) clear up the staph infection in my cousins daughter that has had it on and off for years..and st... "

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" ...Antibiotics or iodine? My friend may possibly have a staph infection from a recent ...with loads of iodine, oregano oil, etc. instead of antibiotics?How much Iodine would... "

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" ...Lugol's should be fine and nothing to worry about but for the long term you shouldn't take fore than 5 drops a day. I used the above method for 2 days to get rid of a staph infection and ...iod... "

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" Laura, Would a staph infection cause any other symptoms? Flu-like ...foods would you find iodine in? We have gluten ...not sure where the iodine would be ... "

" ...becomes mrsa, so any staph infection is dangerous. I have ...pure probiotic capsule and putting that in their neti pot replacing the natural flora goes with the iodine or what natura... "

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" It could be a staph infection or bacterial infection. I had 6 big boils just ...but really it was just a bacterial infection. She gave me some iodine cream and it is clearing up. Also its important... "

" ...ointment. Acne is a non-staphylococcal infection of the skin. For ...recomment using Betadine (=povidon iodine) shampoo applied to the ...for cardiac surgery. Iodine resistance does not... "

" ...likely that you got the staph infection from bad injection technique. When why I always use iodine pre-injection. If you want to be unltra-safe, leave the iodine on the injection site f... "

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" an ENT who said it was probably a staph infection (no idea how I got that, but I had ...went away until I started flushing my sinuses with Iodine treated water. I bet yours was also some sort... "

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" ...that I can think of: staph infection of the skin (hence, the ...staph. When I had a staph infection, I tried all the natural ...ingestion of BOTH gluten and iodine. It also itches, and whe... "

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