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Sprained Ankle + Arnica

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53 conversations around the web about Sprained Ankle + Arnica to help you make a decision
53 conversations around the web about Sprained Ankle + Arnica to help you make a decision
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Sprained Ankle & Arnica

We found 53 discussions
" ...curl up and enjoy the Olympics tonight -- or something else. I'll pitch arnica for the sprained ankle again (a topical cream or gel for sprains and sore muscles -- can... "

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" Sprained ankle: aids for healing? I've sprained my ankle, once again., ice, compression, and elevation. I've also taken oral arnica and slathered it with arnica gel. I'm hoping there... "

" ...up to-day as I see a little colout. I'm a mess - had a nasty fall treating sprained ankle with arnica. As for the rest I just want to curl up make the days diappear until my sight... "

" double blinded? No \"more\", just the same stuff. Keywords \"arnica ankle sprain\" searched in Pubmed yield no results. Hmmm. --... "

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" Sprained ankle - ABC Homeopathy Forum Hello ...heel alternate exercise.Subsequently I used Arnica 200,Rhus Tox 200 and Ruta ...3 days.I had also used arnica based ointment to be applied... "

" ...increase. Please advise. PS:I took Arnica 30C now(at 1:30 am) while ...have also read your suggestions in another post regarding ankle sprain. Please advise Dr. Udaya. Regards,... "

" ...are sick (one is having back problems and the other just ...the well wishes. And Beth, I'll pick up some arnica for the sprained ankle. We had some, but we recently went through our... "

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" ...I had a very bad sprained ankle, and used Ruta Grav while ...also think that EVERYONE should have arnica tablets on hand to use my purse. I know the arnica helps... that one I've test... "

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" ...CUMH. Took a fall in work in November and sprained ankle and was sent to mat ward for babs to ...and thought the midwives were fab!! I got Nelsons arnica cream and tabs in Boots. I tink if u... "

" ...are dissolved under the tonguge. Arnica is a natural pain reliever. ...the Tylenol 3 with the Arnica until I ran out of ...tylenol and used only the Arnica, found it helped a lot... "

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