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Spinal Stenosis

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(Spinal column stenosis)
Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal column that may occur in any of the regions of the spine.The most co...
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19,291 conversations around the web about Spinal Stenosis to help you make a decision
19,291 conversations around the web about Spinal Stenosis to help you make a decision
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Spinal Stenosis & Lidocaine

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" Lidoderm was prescribed for pain from spinal stenosis. I am using it now on my calf muscle for painful restless leg symptoms that wake me... "

" ...with the local anesthetic lidocaine appear to be no ...physical limitations in patients with spinal stenosis, a common spine disorder, than injections of lidocaine alone, a new study has... "

" L5 for lumbar pain radiating to legs, i.e., spinal stenosis. Procedure: On stomach, betadine'd, lidocaine'd, injection of 40mg Kenalog corticosteroid. Took 10 minutes. It's... "

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" ...caused me pain.I have Fibromyalgia and Spinal Stenosis and eventually had to ...bath.They help especially since I am still in pain due to my Fibro. The doc prescribed Lidocaine patches to help. ... "

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" ...of pain relief . A lady friend of mine in the medical profession suggested I try LIDODERM patches. The patches are prescribed ...maybe a prescription for the patches.Spinal Stenosis Treatment... "

" ...with the painkiller lidocaine scored no better ...control group who received lidocaine injection alone. \"These (injections) ...cautious about using them? for spinal stenosis, she said. Re... "

" Re: Nerve Block Other Option for Spinal Stenosis Just checking. Has anyone had a spinal nerve block? was just from the lidocaine, not the cortisone. We decided... "

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" ...spinal stenosis, ...kind of illness it could be from that, but this started about 4 months ago and has not got any better. I have not had the flu or any illness like that. I use lidoderm patches... "

" ...if I had applied my Lidocaine patches, I HAD NOT. We ...and applied them and took 10mg of my Oxycodone, too early for my with a combination of spinal stenosis, scoliosis and now th... "

" ...several discs bulging, protruding and spinal stenosis. So far I have been given epidural injections, narcotics and lidoderm patches, but nothing really helps.... "

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