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(Muscle spasms)
spasm is a sudden, involuntary Muscle contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow Organ (anatomy), or a similarly sudden ...
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Common Spasms treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 8,984 Valium 8,341 Botox 5,291
369,930 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
369,930 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
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Spasms & Tens Units

We found 72 discussions
" out with it. Tens units are miracle workers though, I love mine for muscle spasms and just minor... "

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" ...I underwent c5-c7 fusion 3 years ago; TENS helped tremendously before the surgery to relieve muscle spasms.... "

" ...have done the heat and tens units too. Heat seems to relax soon as the heat comes off, I have the chronic muscle spasms back. Ice really doesn't help at all. I used... "

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" ...treat deep tissue damage, large muscle spasms , large/small muscle pains , and any pain associated. these tens units are good but you have ...take the nodes off your back in pain... "

" Yes, I also have rectal spasms. Sits baths, Sits baths, Sits baths! What also helped me is Hydrocortisone/Lidocaine Rectal suppositories and opium ...I also use Empi TENS Units that is a... "

" ...and have tried Chiropractors, p.t. ice, heat, muscle stem, tens units. different pain meds. Nothing seems to help. It becomes the worst. I have neck pain, spasms in right shoulder blade an... "

" ...Some of you have been mentioning that TENS units help you with the pain. I have a TENS ...the electrodes to stop muscles spasms in the face and jaw ...CLUE when it comes to TENS units. Any s... "

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" ...transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators or TENS units. I used many types of ...but it can relieve the spasms and knots caused by MS ...did have some small portable TENS units I would lend... "

" spasms were so bad they would shift my jaw and you could see the knots in my back. i tried flexril and heat and ice and percocet and injections and massage therapy and tens units and... "

" ...It's true that TENS units are used for ...actually cause worsening nerve pain ( according to my surgeon). When my back pain and spasms are at their worst, it also increases my nerve pain. It doe... "

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