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(Muscle spasms)
spasm is a sudden, involuntary Muscle contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow Organ (anatomy), or a similarly sudden ...
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Common Spasms treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 9,187 Valium 8,449 Botox 5,355
374,204 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
374,204 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
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Spasms & Gluten

We found 894 discussions
" husband who has Ms found it helping his spasms a lot. If he cheats and has gluten his spasms start up within a half... "

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" ...i was just diagnosed with bronchial spasms due to reflux, as well as asthma. it's definitely the gluten that causes the severe ...triggers... "

" ...Bentyl) 20 mg tablets contain gluten or gluten in inert ingredients? It was for the pain & spasms from EATING gluten. I have Celiac's Disease, but ...Disease pain drugs that CONTA... "

" Gluten and dairy cause a lot ...problems. I use to have severe esophigus spasms that would send me via ...a sweat too. Stopped gluten and dairy an... "

" ...I too have gluten ataxia I have the muscle spasms and twitches but not on medication - do you have tremors as well?... "

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" ...told that I had IBS, a spasming colon or that it ...still learning where the hidden gluten is but I'm doing ... "

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" Ahh! My mother has those intestinal spasms when she eats meat or better, also. No wheat glute... "

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" I suffer from esophageal spasms whenever I inadvertently ingest gluten, and your symptoms sound similar. I'm able to get... "

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" Has anyone else get a pain in the chest, right in the middle ...and go, Also anyone with gluten insensitive notice nerve damage seem to have muscle spasms in my stomach muscles an... "

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" either lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant. She has the tummy ...with constipation she then has lower bowel spasms. No diahorrea. Does thi... "

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