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Sore Tongue

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Glossodynia or burning mouth syndrome (BMS) (also known as "Burning tongue" and "Orodynia") is a condition characterized b...
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Common Sore Tongue treatments discussed around the web
Lozenges 24 Mouth Rinse 21 Anbesol 10
6,648 conversations around the web about Sore Tongue to help you make a decision
6,648 conversations around the web about Sore Tongue to help you make a decision
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Sore Tongue & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 27 discussions
" I started to get mouth sores and canker sores and sore tongue at about month 4-5. I use peroxyl mouth wash about 4 X's daily, I use nystatin... "

" ...having a sore tongue is the pits. I'm in similar place, got geographic tongue 1week in. Really ...juice, that helps. tried biotene mouthwash, better but ...& then. Gonna try hydrogen peroxide... "

" ...a mess too. i have a sore tongue lately. when i brush with the only thing dentists recommend. some people use hydrogen peroxide to rinse with but i read someplace it can... "

" ...slight cough. Temporary relief from hydrogen peroxide, zinc, vitamin B. Solution? Hi.I my a slight cough. hydrogen peroxide seems to make my tongue ...annoying and it makes my tongu... "

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" Sorry it's making your tongue sore Ben. You might want to try rinsing with warm salt water and/or diluted hydrogen peroxide. One of those over the counter local anaesthetic products... "

" ...weeks and a few have asked me about EJ's tongue sores. I am happy to say more since we started him on the B-complex. It is called NatureMade ...but it has some hydrogen peroxide in it... "

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" ...have an expander and had a sore tongue from one area of the ...very sore now, also try dipping a Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and swab it on the sore area of your tongue. It took me about 1-1/2 w... "

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" ...helped my speech. For the sore tongue, use the warm saltwater rinses ...suggested placing a Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and swabbing it on the sore areas - it helped alot. When it felt... "

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" ...maybe I was a bit too vigorous with it and it made my tongue sore. So now I just rinse my mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide which tends to lift off any crud. Then I brush my tongue with... "

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" 3rd round of Abraxane and I have experienced throat and tongue pain. There is a Colgate mouth wash called Peroxyl (over the counter) that helps ...the mornings I take 10 mg of Ritalin for en... "

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