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Sore Throat

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Ask a question
Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,234 Acetaminophen 4,356 Ibuprofen 2,950
418,647 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
418,647 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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Sore Throat & Spinal Fusion

We found 15 discussions
" of interest to you. Most people are lucky in that they only have a sore throat for a period of 1... "

" ...I feel fine except my throat hurts and my neck starts to ...bone in to do the spinal fusion and this neck thing is ...this now cause I'm getting tired. lol Michelle Edited 12/18/2008... "

" I had my spinal fusion March 27th on c3-4=5. I also snored from my ...I was asleep for it was very loud. And yes I had muscus. Sore throat is almost gone. It will pass and all will be... "

" ...not even going to think about it lol. I didnt even have a sore throat after I came out of surgery. I wonder if ...into your throat while awake then going through a spinal fusion while... "

" Hi everyone out there, I had a cervical spinal fusion on 9-13-02 using donor bone and I am in no pain,[ I have not even got my perscription filled] ...A little bit of a sore throat and a pain to s... "

" Cervical Spinal Fusion Hi, I am trying to ...She is having a Cerival Spinal fusion on two vertebras using cadaver ...the only side effects are sore throats for awhile. Has anyone had... "

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" ...16) had a double spinal fusion of c-3-c-4 and c-4-c-5 ...of my neck.) But I fell around Christmas and was temporarily completely paralized - only for a ...pain was from a sore throat for abo... "

" ...DH had surgery last Tuesday (spinal fusion) so i haven't been in ...the place as I got sick the day after the ...thought. And I've had a sore throat ever since. FF is saying... "

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" ...on my neck from a spinal fusion. My thryoid sugeon said this surgery , perhaps my headache would go away. NOT ...tasted so good on the sore throat the first couple of days... "

" ...the mend after having cervical spinal fusion at C6-7 this last Wednesday. ...cord and I had severe spinal cord compression. One small accident ...much smoother on the sore throat. I'm so hi... "

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