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Sore Throat

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Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,220 Acetaminophen 4,355 Ibuprofen 2,946
417,713 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
417,713 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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Sore Throat & Gelatin

We found 50 discussions
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" ...probably sitting in the hospital with a sore throat and a congested nose, probably whining about the... "

" ...get better soon. If his throat is sore, try some hot jello. I ...make it real sweet. The gelatin coats the throat and makes it feel better for about half an... "

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" ...they're supposed to sooth a sore throat. It's something to do with the gelatin which helps relieve irritation and sooth pain in your throat. (not time I have a sore throa... "

" ...time and be patient. My stupid cold has settled into my chest so I'm exhausted from all the coughing and my head hurts. At least the gelatin is delish and very soothing on my raw throat... "

" water for a sore throat, but never a cough. My mom's remedy for a sore throat that I still use ...of sugar and the gelatin help coat the throat. ...sugar, but since they are sick ... "

" favorite treat: pretty much anything except the things with gelatin like starbursts and marshmellows.. also while i love sour candy, they make my throat hurt after eating them so im... "

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" ...did not work for, I was way too sick. I may try it ...It also gave me a sore throat so I put it in a gelatin capsule from GNC. This helped with the sore throat. I had to stop it... "

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" ...a couple weeks with a sore throat, and now dd has come ...I made my own with Knox gelatin and some apple and apricot time to make it less firm, or will real gelatin always behave this... "

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" I also had horrible nausea with Elmiron. I tried it three loss and a sore throat. I took it out ...even put it in a gelatin capsule and that helped the sore throat issue, but nothing h... "

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" ...They gave me terribly sore throats and sometimes the whole ...clot, it looked like I coughed up a kidney. Afrin helped constrict the blood vessels ...packing would turn to gelatin and slide r... "

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