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Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco or cannabis, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is p...
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Common Smoking treatments discussed around the web
Chantix 31,549 Wellbutrin 14,712 Zyban 8,807
7,594,641 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
7,594,641 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
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Smoking & Varicose Veins

0.76% of the posts that mention Varicose Veins also mention Smoking (254 posts)
Varicose Veins
We found 254 discussions
" Good job on quitting smoking...that probably takes your risk wayyyy down. Are you starting to get varicose veins? I started getting some small ones when I was... "

" ...I weigh about 195lbs. I have a history of chronic bronchitis. I quit smoking about 7 yrs ago. I ...of these dieases myself. I have noticed a couple of small varicose veins located behind my Le... "

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" overweight, do you have varicose veins, do you smoke,is there a family history etc losing weight, stopping smoking, exercising etc - then ...doing so you take both low dose aspirin ... "

" Quote: Actually the woman my friend and I were talking about was smoking hot. She was maybe 5 years too old from and wiki both say varicose veins are different from spider veins... "

" ...I have been some better since being on the Naprosyn and Advil ...because I,m quitting smoking. I,ve been so ...I,ve even been having problems with an old varicose vein being painful and swell... "

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" ...Multi-Vitamin, B-Complex, ...the aspirin is the most important thing I can take each day for my health! It helps my varicose veins, blood clotting and most important heart. Since I quit smoking ... "

" when staying would entail varicose veins and a nervous breakdown every two months. whenj staying would mean having to smoke two opacks of cigarettes a... "

" ...ruled out varicose veins!! He said because I'm young (22) and don't smoke that it can't possibly be my circulation. He prescribed me some Quinine Sulphate tablets ...has bad varicose veins down... "

" ...for spider veins. I have a few varicose veins, but the doctor refused to touch them because I smoke. Said something about them becoming ...Also, with regard to the varicose veins, he told me t... "

" ...I can't find a common cause, my electrolytes are fine. I do have varicose veins, I don't smoke. I would take any med, change any routine I have, anything to get... "

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