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Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco or cannabis, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is p...
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Common Smoking treatments discussed around the web
Chantix 31,183 Wellbutrin 14,539 Zyban 8,747
7,517,460 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
7,517,460 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
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Smoking & Typhoid

0.73% of the posts that mention Typhoid also mention Smoking (126 posts)
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We found 126 discussions
" appears that you have problem of Erectile Dysfunction. You have been having Typhoid Fever since three weeks and taking ...good erection. Since you are smoker and consume alcohol on... "

" foreplay. I have consumed lot of alcohol & smoking. I do masturbation daily. Last month I got typhoid & jaundice, I was ...masturbation twice. I had lot of medicines for typhoid and jaundice... "

" ...age of 4, Got severe Typhoid at the age of 6, Had White spots for 5 years(age 5 to 10), ...on various forums). I heard homeopathy has some cure of dark lips due to heavy smoking. is it true?... "

" ...of quitting. I am sick of not being allowed to smoke anywhere. I am just sick of being treated like Typhoid Mary with leprocy and the clap! I am sick of being fined for smoking, which i... "

" ...type your query here...i had typhoid fever for more than 10 days,i ...discharged 3 days back,now i don't have fever,will there be any problems to typhoid if i smoke c... "

" to what was actually wrong with her. The hospital said she had 'typhoid', she had 'dengue', she 'smoked too much'. They finally decided to send her to Singapore. She died before... "

" ...the religion. Then he had typhoid and nearly died but he ...5 times a day, tries to get all his friends to pray, doesn't smoke/drink/**** or anything else that may be considered... "

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" ...Vomating tendency sepcially after smoking. 5. Recently I came ...4.8 mm. 6. 2-3 years ago I was suffering from Typhoid. Could you please let me know what should i do other than quitting "

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" ...your hair for hair care products that suits your hair typhoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out for you Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating... "

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" ...Where people die from AIDS, typhoid, TB and dysentery every day ...died from an outbreak of TB\" \"Well I just had to walk past a smoker. Do you know how long it will take to... "

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