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Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco or cannabis, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is p...
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Common Smoking treatments discussed around the web
Chantix 31,381 Wellbutrin 14,615 Zyban 8,768
7,534,973 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
7,534,973 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
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Smoking & Swollen Feet

0.49% of the posts that mention Swollen Feet also mention Smoking (217 posts)
Swollen Feet
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Swollen Feet
We found 217 discussions
" ...a lot of stress. I don't smoke or drink. Recently I've been ...of my feet and have swollen feet; I'm also lacking my usual ...healthy foods. I have been on 20mg of Paxil for the last 5... "

" ...a smoker.Have 2 sisters with ...I have on smoking, all the lumps I've aquired,the pains in elbow & shoulder,swollen feet,cold fingers that turn ...a person,but come on,smoking causing the pai... "

" ...ago after I was regularly short of breath and when my legs and feet swelled up overnight a visit to casualty confirmed that I had Congestive Heart Failure... didn't stop me chain smoking. Last year... "

" yet in my swollen foot, sorry, wish I could ...I woke up feeling breathless. It passed mostly ...of hours. I take my Humira on a Monday... could it be related? I do smoke but not heavily... "

" ...feet swelled a ...complained a lot about pain after the surgery, but it really only lasted a few days. You will have many new challenges but many new rewards. Be sure to keep posting your questi... "

" ...torture in L&D. That the swelling in my feet and ankles would get worse This sucks because I was addicted to Teen Mom 2 ...a dropside crib while you were smoking doesn't mean it was... "

" ...moderate exercise and giving up smoking if you are a smoker are all a good start not normal to have facial, hands, feet swelling and shortness of breath. Just... "

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" ...for pain and cramping of her right leg while ...has no nocturnal pain. She is a long-time smoker (140 pack-year history) and has ...foot pulses but no pedal edema. Which of the following... "

" if you were still smoking AND had the chest infection ;-) Tuti, hope the free flow has helped that swollen foot of yours, or is it ...further but boy was my foot sore. Thank goodness for the... "

" ...all of mine! I am very careful though no drinking and smoking not a problem as ...or Angel Had my acupunture appointment feeling tired be great ...on all the swelling in my feet Hugs ... "

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