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Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco or cannabis, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is p...
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Common Smoking treatments discussed around the web
Chantix 31,126 Wellbutrin 14,500 Zyban 8,725
7,506,434 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
7,506,434 conversations around the web about Smoking to help you make a decision
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Smoking & Hydrangea

We found 45 discussions
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" Getting high of hydrangea Hey I recently found out ...this interesting way of getting high by smoking dry hydrangea leaves. I was seeking information... "

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" ...of death, hydrangea flowers may be for you! From erowid: \"USES: Diuretic and Soothant. Hydrangea paniculata has been smoked to produce ...are dangerous if smoked, as they... "

" ...them all Holiday: Christmas Flower: Hydrangea Your Goal for this year: ...the rain: I have before Smoke: No Drink: with my husband ...Getting stabbed ( I have nightmares about it) ... "

" ...of daylilies between the cherry tree and the first smoke tree. A hydrangea will go a the corner of the DR window ...the hanging planters. We got six dwarf burning bushes to line... "

" ...was thinking of putting a Hydrangea in my garden, alas not ...put it !! No smoking for... "

" i read a story in the newspaper few years ago .. some dude smoked large amounts of hydrangea and passionflower... the dude went ballistic and cut off his own tongue and penis with scissors ...... "

" Dale Pendell says Hydrangea intoxication is a \"pipe dream\" (Pharmako/Gnosis) so I would ...the USA I would be surprised if they are worth smoking yet no one is doing it. And cyanide is... "

Post from
" ...pepper Middle notes: Rose, honeysuckle, plum blossom, hyacinth, lilac, hydrangea Base notes: Leather, coffee, myrtlewood, light amber, opium, smoke, cinnamon, teak, vanilla, oak, patchouli,... "

" ...Condition of item: Excellent Location: S5 Further details Next Hydrangea Cushion,Lamp Shade and 3 x Canvas (2 Purple and ...and from a pet and smoke free home! Bought originally from... "

" ...a fire. However, these leaves turn out to be hydrangea leaves, the smoke from which cause everyone to start having strange sexual hallucinations. Takashi is lead away by who he imagines... "

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