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Sleep All The Time

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Ask a question
Hypersomnia is a disorder characterized by excessive amounts of somnolence.There are two main categories of hypersomnia: ''primary hyp...
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104,289 conversations around the web about Sleep All The Time to help you make a decision
104,289 conversations around the web about Sleep All The Time to help you make a decision
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Sleep All The Time & Vascular Dementia

0.18% of the posts that mention Vascular Dementia also mention Sleep All The Time (24 posts)
Vascular Dementia
Sleep All The Time
We found 24 discussions
" Hi there, My Mum has insulin dependent diabetes, too, and you ...what can be done. My Mum also sleeps more when her blood sugar rises ...she's 89 and has had vascular dementia for quite a few ... "

" ...was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2008 and also has type 2 diabetes and I ...up working. He has been taken off dementia medication because ...but he is now sleeping all day and wanderi... "

" ...I feel so useless, my mum has vascular dementia and we have been told ...cant get my head round what has happened, she is now sleeping all the time, dont know whether to pray for a miracle and... "

" ...bil, whom I believe had vascular dementia after a stroke, had one. he bled out. We knew it was the aneurysm because the foley was in no pain, he was sleeping all the time by then.... "

" Speaking only from my own experience; my mother has advanced Vascular Dementia and we recently started her on Resperdol. It has ...more lucid during the day, sleeps more regularly and isn't drugged... "

" ...your mum is rallying My mum has vascular dementia and in July had a ...drink, walk and was sleeping alot. The care home said ...I agree with Pippa that vascular dementia seems to progress i... "

" ...know what stage my husband is in. He has Parkenism with Vascular Dementia and Altz according to his Neuro and I can't ...due to back, wants to sleep all the time. I can't leave him by... "

" ...I can say that my relative with vascular dementia has had periods when she seemed to sleep all the time, and these then passed and ...for a while, and has difficulty swallowing and eats only pur... "

" yours - lots of sleeping, not bothering about ...tests despite her having had some TIA's in the past. Finally she has now been diagnosed with vascular dementia - something we suspected... "

" dad was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Then in May ...told he has vascular dementia. He has no ...a month. He has stopped eating and drinking and sleeping all the time and reall... "

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