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Skin Cancer

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Skin neoplasms (also known as "skin cancer") are skin growths with differing causes and varying degrees of malignancy. The three most ...
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107,283 conversations around the web about Skin Cancer to help you make a decision
107,283 conversations around the web about Skin Cancer to help you make a decision
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Skin Cancer & Apple Cider Vinegar

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K. Scott
Basal Cell
About 9 years ago I visited the Dermatologist for a very small white looking spot on my left cheek. He suggested that I just watch it and if it were to change to call. He said that it was probably a clogged pore.
Through the years I always had my eye on it. Never changed. Up until approx. 15 months ago.
I noticed that the spot started to open. My thought was that it was draining and it was finally healing.
Well as time went on, I began to notice other little white bumpy spots around the lesion. Then I noticed the little blood vessels in and around this thing. Eventually this would heal up, then open and bleed. This was a vicious circle.
This spot started to grow in diameter. Looked like the lesion was causing the skin to *pit*. At this point knew that I must see a doctor.
Early fall I visited a dermatologist. He recommended me to an ear, nose and throat doctor to have the thing removed. Once again both doctors here felt that this was 90% chance that it was just a clogged pore that went belly up. Suggested that I have this thing removed and then to submit the tissue to a pathologist just to be certain of what this was.
Well I had the first surgery done in the drs. office, and it created an approx scar of 1 1/2 inches from my sinus cavity down towards my laugh line. He actually did really great work and it started to heal really nicely.
Then here about 4 days ago I get this call. Its the doctor who operated on me. He tells me that he received the prognosis from the pathologist report and that I have Basal Cell. Apparently there are a few cells on the margin. They have to go in again, and this time to the operating room along with the pathologist. Frankly, I'm not too keen on this idea. Don't get me wrong, I want this junk removed, but if there is ANY other way of getting rid of the cells still in there then I am willing to try something different.
The doctor told me that with this next surgery (which is scheduled for the 18th of Dec), my incision will be longer and who knows what it will look like after. He suggested graphing if needed.
Ya, I am definitely a little freaked out about this.
If anyone has any ideas or helpful tips please let me know...

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