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Skin Biopsy + Cost

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Ask a question
93 conversations around the web about Skin Biopsy + Cost to help you make a decision
93 conversations around the web about Skin Biopsy + Cost to help you make a decision
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Skin Biopsy & Cost

We found 93 discussions
" Hi, I was recently diagnosed with excema/contact dermatitis after a visit, but I had a skin biopsy done there, which made it cost more. I claimed about $1... "

" hi, i was diagnosted with sarcoid in apr. 06 there's ...2 lung biopsies and 1 skin biopsy. i was on prednisone and hated it so bones paid a heavy price i now take actonel. i am on oxygen... "

" see her on Sunday... cost's an arm and a leg ...on and on, lol. Shar...wishing you luck with your skin biopsy. I am a skin cancer (m. melanoma)survivor, so I know the angst you... "

" ...FDA. The Dr takes a skin biopsy from the back of your ...back to your Dr, and is injected in your depressed area. The cost is $1000 -$1500 a session...requiring about 3 sessions all... "

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" ...diagnosed through a skin biopsy which has a ...test on? For the record I also had dapsone, which historically is a cure for lepracy so it used to calm blistering. I can ...paid the price. ... "

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" ...under the microscopic with a skin Biopsy in 02/26/2007 from the best ...granular cell layer\" I was prescribed \"Salex\" (6% salicylic Acid lotion) ...but smooth my skin a bit. (price: $102)... "

" ...up, whereas some of my lesions have been quite small. A skin biopsy can confirm or dispute this can get free or low-cost treatment. It's worth getting checked... "

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" ...I have a small rash on my right breast ...and do I need a skin biopsy??? I don't understand why a ...THEM REMOVED UNLESS ABSOLUTLEY NESSASARY. COST TO MUCH I,AM 69 YEARS... "

" could have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia - do you have ...options. In today's times of cost cutting and budget constraints, I ...ask him/her to take a skin biopsy for discoid lupus or... "

" periodically reassured that my weakness and pain are consistent ...confirmation, with an EMG or skin biopsy thrown in once in a ...It is all checklists and cost benefit ratios, and it isn'... "

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