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Sjogren's Syndrome

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(Sjogren s syndrome)
Sj gren's syndrome , also known as "Jan Mikulicz-Radecki disease" and "Sicca syndrome", is a systemic autoimmune disease i...
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Common Sjogren's Syndrome treatments discussed around the web
Plaquenil 4,567 Prednisone 1,852 Evoxac 727
61,366 conversations around the web about Sjogren's Syndrome to help you make a decision
61,366 conversations around the web about Sjogren's Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Sjogren's Syndrome

Sjogren's Syndrome & Natural health supplements

We found 47 discussions
" I don't take any natural remedies or anything, Laughter, acting crazy activate an autoimmune disorder sjogren's. My cancer is NED but my ...glands, so I have dry mouth, eyes, fatigue, etc... "

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" ...first my mouth got really sore, gums and everything. That ...reporting salty taste has Sjogren's disease or is on various ...on any medication (except natural supplements but maybe I should... "

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" ...rough days after taking sudaphed, nasacort and mucsle relaxers ...much better these days I still am battling Sjogrens and have to remember to told me about natural remedies such as th... "

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" ...with because of the constant discomfort it brings. You didn't mention what treatment plan your md had for you. Many are on Plaquenil and have had success. Others have tried more natural remedies ... "

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" often the first line of defense for us. Many rheumies will go to methotrexate or other medications if someone is allergic to plaquenil though. As far as dry eyes - many folks use... "

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" ...looking for some all natural remedies. Does anyone have any all natural remedies or ways of dealing with Sjogren's that they would li... "

" Helpful tips for Sjogren's I found this while looking ...but the info is good! "

" ...that may help dry mouth... Most of... "

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" ...wondering if there are any people here that dont take drugs to handle sjogrens? But instead manage with otc and natural remedies. I ask because I am sick of seeing doctors all the time, and... "

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" ...still adjusting to life with sjogrens and figuring out what that ...sleep great, other nights.........not so much. 3) anyone using natural supplements to help with fatigue and joint pain?... "

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