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Sinus Tachycardia

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Sinus tachycardia (also colloquially known as sinus tach or sinus tachy) is a heart rhythm with elevated rate of impulses ...
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Common Sinus Tachycardia treatments discussed around the web
Esmolol 8
6,308 conversations around the web about Sinus Tachycardia to help you make a decision
6,308 conversations around the web about Sinus Tachycardia to help you make a decision
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Sinus Tachycardia & Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens

We found 12 discussions
" now anemic and have sinus tachycardia (heartrate of 100 to 145plus, ...sign that I need more estrogen. However, my Doc thinks the ...might be excacerbated by the estrogen so he might not ... "

" Mirena Irregular heart beats, sinus tachycardia, heart rate, low estrogen, premature menopause So just a ...ago i started getting irregular heart beats and sinus tachycardia, i had my mirena... "

" ...Irregular Heart Beats, Sinus Tachycardia, Heart Rate, Low Estrogen, Premature Menopause So just ...heart beats and sinus tachycardia, i had my ...heart beats and sinus tachycardia, i had my... "

" ...and wakes me up..have extensive blood work done and heart tests, do have sinus tachacardia (just diagnosed) so am on beta blocker, take an zanex at bedtime, am also on LO dose premarin. I also... "

" ...menopausal, are you taking a vitamin with niacin in it ? ...but am 60, off premarin 2 months ago but ...sweats too and was recently (3 mo ago) diagnosed with sinus tachacardia and on medicati... "

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" ...though the doctor blames that on high levels of estrogen .) I was checked out by a cardiologist, found the sinus Tachy after meals but said other than that my heart... "

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" the ECG strip looks like a flutter not sinus tachycardia (the answer given), any toughts? 14)Mammary gland alveolar Development ...which hormone acts synergicaly with Estrogen? (as far as ... "

" ...old fashioned vaso vagal episodes--orthostatic sinus tachycardia--did I spell that right? ...back in a year. On to the Climara brand patch...3rd day on and its working like a charm! Premar... "

" ...and results from estrogen production in the ...physiological manifestations, on occasion inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I will share with ...panic disorder can cause sinus tachycardia of th... "

" ... Would be concerned about any estrogen containing medications for an ...slowed their heart down (as their sinus tachycardia underneath the SVT gradually slows).... "

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